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Cesar Palomino


Cesar Palomino, RN, is a dedicated and accomplished member of United Nursing College, where he has been serving as the Programs and Courses Assistant since December 2023. He initially joined the college in 2022 as a highly regarded CPR instructor. Cesar is known for his strong commitment to the college's standards, vision, and mission, which he upholds with integrity. He is enthusiastic and exceptionally knowledgeable, making him a reliable source for any inquiries. With a background in nursing and firsthand experience as a nursing student, Cesar brings valuable insights and perspectives to his role.

Cesar's journey into nursing began in 2020 during the pandemic, sparked by the compassionate care he received from nurses during a childhood medical experience. He graduated with his ADN in May 2024 and is eager to begin his career as a Registered Nurse. Cesar has a solid foundation in biological sciences and a keen desire to continue learning. His future goals include earning a master's degree and eventually a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). He is passionate about education and teaching, making him a valuable asset to United Nursing College and a promising leader in the nursing field.

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