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Robin Byrne, MSN, RN


Robin Byrne, MSN, RN, comes to UNC with 15years experience as a bedside nurse; 14 of those years, Robin worked primarily as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. Robin also has experience with Postpartum and NICU, caring for growers and feeders (infants that are almost ready for discharge). When she started the ADN program at Santa Ana Community College, Robin knew she wanted to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse.

Robin graduated and followed the advice of her instructors and obtained a position on a med surg floor for one year, then seized the opportunity to join a Labor and Delivery training program. After 10 years of working bedside, she felt compelled to do more, developing a passion for education and research and dreaming of becoming an educator. She went on to obtain her BSN and, subsequently, her MSN in education. In addition to being the Lead Obstetrics Instructor, she currently works as a Charge Nurse for a busy high acuity Labor and Delivery unit at a local hospital. Robin is excited to bring her experience and energy to the students at UNC.

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