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Gene Gushansky, M.A., B.A.


Gene Gushansky, a Biological Sciences teacher for nearly 20 years, began his career in the sciences as a volunteer at a gastric physiology laboratory at UCLA in his early teens. He went on to receive his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Northern Colorado, and then returned to work at UCLA as a research associate studying membrane transport in Helicobacter Pylori, while also teaching at a local community college. When his children were born, he decided to pursue teaching full time, and he has never looked back.

Gene has had the opportunity to teach and develop courses in molecular biology, genetics, majors and non-majors biology, anatomy, and physiology. He has also developed and taught multiple classes in both the traditional setting and online for several colleges, and he has served as the lead anatomy instructor at Palomar College, in charge of the anatomy program and human cadaver prosection. Gene comes to UNC as a well-qualified science instructor and is dedicated to student success.

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