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Michelle Rowland

Michelle Rowland, DNP-Ed, RN, RNC


Michelle Rowland, DNP-Ed, RN, RNC, is Dean of Nursing and Allied Health at United Nursing College in Murrieta, California. With a passion for pediatric medicine, Michelle has worked in multiple Neonatal Intensive Care Units as a floor nurse, team lead, and charge nurse.

Michelle Rowland has been practicing as a nurse in neonatology and pediatrics for the past 25 years. Michelle has also found excitement and passion in teaching the next generation of nurses. She has experience teaching didactic, laboratory, and clinical content to second-semester students during their pediatric rotation. She has worked on developing new curriculum and teaching strategies geared toward inclusivity and equity while also applying pedagogies to reach the diverse learners in today’s arena of education. Michelle completed her DNP at Regis College in 2022 and brings her education, background, and expertise to United Nursing College.

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