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Nickolas Guevara


Nickolas Guevara is a talented, approachable professional who brings over seven years of experience in customer service, machinery, and tech management to UNC. Their passion for technology and innovation is evident in their exceptional ability to build and customize computers, showcasing a deep understanding of modern computing systems. Throughout their career, Nickolas has excelled in roles such as Client Relationship Consultant in the banking industry, where they provided top-notch financial advisory services, tech support, client account management, and fraud risk mitigation. Their comprehensive tech expertise is further highlighted by their experience in the casino industry, where they showcased proactive problem-solving skills and ensured seamless operations.

Nickolas is currently pursuing an associate's degree in cybersecurity at Palomar College, is actively expanding their knowledge in network systems, servers, and coding, and has a strong commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. They have a passion for mentoring and caring for new students, ensuring a smooth onboarding process, and providing guidance in multiple areas. With proficiency in American Sign Language, intermediate Spanish, and beginner-level skills in Japanese and Lao, Nickolas fosters inclusivity and effective communication across diverse teams and client bases.

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